About Five Monkeys Bakery

Laura Hurst
Laura Hurst

My name is Laura, and I started Five Monkeys Bakery in 2015 to provide fun, nut-safe cookies for life’s celebrations.

I have a son with a severe nut allergy. Often we would go to birthdays, holidays or other events where he would not be able to have birthday cake or other food. It left us feeling sad and isolated.  Frustrated with the lack of options for nut allergic kids, I started making cool cookies for my son to bring with him to birthday parties and holidays.

It turns out that there are A LOT of people in our boat. There are also big-hearted people don’t have food allergies themselves, but wanted to make sure that treats for safe for others.  I love them.

We believe that no one should be excluded because of a food allergy. We use nut-free ingredients and our cookies are made in a nut-free kitchen.  We have also accommodated gluten, egg, and dairy allergies. Please inquire and we can discuss if we can make it work safely for you!

Even if food allergies aren’t a concern, many people order our cookies because they are cute and DELICIOUS!

Come on, have a cookie!